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Only Play the Games on the Top

History inspired the gaming industry to adopt war stories and turn them into games. Human history is plagued with wars and constant battle among super powers and conflicting races. Game developers utilized history and turned the amazing war stories into games. Just like a general in the battlefield, most war strategy games require the gamer to put up a plan and strategize on how to win armed conflicts. War strategy games vary on perspective where in a gamer can play the game as a commanding officer in the field, a private, a colonel, a commando and even a mere medic. War strategy games can be played either by installing game software on your personal computer, by purchasing games online, or even playing it through the internet for free. Here are some famous war strategy games that gamers of all ages play and enjoy.

If you want to play war strategy games for free you can visit online game sites. They have a variety of free and easy to play war games which can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

However, if you want to experience war strategy games in another fulfilling gaming feel, try one of this ten top strategy war games available in the market today.

Top 10 is Close Combat 2. Imagine a game where you play as a soldier finding yourself in the midst of a war between two nations. It is regarded as one of the best real time war strategy game because of its realism and available modern tactics and strategies.

Top 9 is Knights of Honor. Set during the medieval times, the game requires you to set-up your own civilization and gives games a large-scale gaming simulation which will surely be enjoyed by war game enthusiasts. You have to balance out your battle with trade, commerce, diplomacy and alliances in order to make your way to the top.

Top 8 is Soldiers: Heroes of World war 2. You can choose to play either as Russia, America, Germany and Britain and fight against the other superpowers. You have to finish all 25 missions while experiencing live action strategy coupled with amazing video graphics.

Top 7 is Blitzkrieg 2 which is very similar to Heroes of World War 2. It features the war on the pacific and presents famous and renowned war heroes. Not only you will enjoy the game, you will also learn the history of the human race.

Top 6 is Combat Mission which is set in World War 2. It is turn based and already a three dimensional game set on Eastern Front.

Top 5 is Total War which is set on medieval Rome where you have to battle other civilizations to be the best among the rest.

Top 4 is Men of War where you play as a soldier where you are required to face conflicts in the war and undergoing stealth operations to accomplish your goal.

Top 3 is Company of Heroes where you play with your co-soldiers during the World War 2. You have to make your way through forests and earn resources to survive the treacherous and dangerous setting of war.

Top 2 is Medieval Total War. This game is set between 1090 to 1530 CE where you have to fight other civilizations in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

And on top of the list is Empire Total War. It is set during the gunpowder days of America and Europe. You have to navigate your troops in the battle field and strategize to win the civil war.

Mini War Game Reviews

Mini war games are ideal for anyone who is ten years old and older, who love to play strategic board games. It is common for many people to get bored of the average board game, and so moving on to table top war games seem like the next step. To get started you just need to buy a mini war game kit and paint your characters. Then you can find a friend or join a local store to battle against others just as game-minded as you! There are a few mini war games to mention that might spark your interest.

Arcane legions is a new game that is loved by players because of its relative low price. It is a mass action mini game that consists of a mix of alkmate antiquits and alluring magic. In just two hours you can find yourself in a war already battling it out. This game is perfect for anyone looking for some casual fun, and who wants a strategic game. It is simply; fast, fun and cheap!

Warhammer fantasy is another table top game loved by many serious gamers. In this game you take your characters to the next level with extreme battle field areas. You can visit the desert, marshlands, and ice and forest properties. This game allows you to battle with up to three opponents for a large gaming experience. With many scenarios and strategies to muster, this will be a game to play again and again.

Monsterpocalypse is a popular mini game. In this particular game you act as a monster and with a slew of other ghouls, battle anyone in your way. You even battle other monsters in intense battle packed action scenes. This game boasts itself for its ability to be action minded and very strategic for the busy thinker.

20k Planet strike is a game that looks as interesting as it sounds. In this game you suffer through invasions and stand offs. You can battle the universe and either be the attacker or the defender. Either way you get access to hard weapons and an army.

The Lord of the rings is another nice war game. You will get encounters from other warriors and army troops. There is a rule book that explains hundreds of rules toward mastering this game. It has many different scenarios that give you the opportunity to play it more than once. This game is well liked by many mini gamers and so finding partners to battle with shouldn`t be a problem.

It appears that there are many mini war games to select from. And not only are there mini war games to pick, there are also lots of resources to learn more about these games and even battle it out with others. These types of games really bring the idea of board games to life. They are for the serious gamer of wars and for anyone who likes to work with their hands. This game is great for people who like to play war games and love the interaction that comes from playing with someone live and face to face. For beginners the best thing to do is to find a game that is fairly easy and go from there. As you get better, increase your game play and discover new games.

Top 3 War Games For Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is simply a must buy for any shooter fan. The single player campaign is an amazing action packed thrill ride although it is quite short, but the new multiplayer more than makes up for the short campaign. Also there is a new co-op game mode called spec ops and there is a large variety of missions including hostage rescues, sniper missions and wave defense. The sound design is excellent with realistic weapon and vehicle sounds and a fabulous musical score. The graphics also deserve a mention too, with realistic rain and water effects and for the most part, extremely detailed environments. Great looking and detailed character models as well as awesome character animations and more destructible objects all combine to provide an extremely intense and immersive gaming experience, however the real fun in this game lies in the online competitive gaming experience. A reward system keeps players coming back for more and more while giving you the satisfaction of earning new ranks and unlocking guns and abilities. COD: Modern Warfare 2 is overall an amazing experience.

Gears of War is a masterpiece. The game has unmatched game play when it comes to console gaming. Gears of War is visually stunning and beautiful which a lot of first-person shooters lack these days. The attention to detail to each characters face and personality is also something unseen in modern day gaming and each character has its own individual purpose in the game. There’s a nice balance in the game play which requires tactics and stealth as well as variety in weapons. Every weapon has its own use and purpose in the game. The sound effects and the soundtrack are nothing less than masterpiece that brings Gears of War to another level and more importantly brings the game to life. The dialog shows a lighter side to the game as humor is important. Gears of War is not among the top pc war games because the online interaction is so important to this games’ success.

Halo 3 stands above other top war games in the satisfaction of killing your enemies. An arsenal of weapons unmatched in power and balance offers a collective experience uniquely tuned to make you savor frag. Halo is by no means realistic, incorporating rag doll physics. You will have fun running and gunning against AI both intelligent and sneaky for hours on end. This game boasts 4 player co-op online and 2 player co-op offline. The graphics in Halo 3 are amazing. Weapons surfaces change lighting when you turn in circles, flashes of gunfire realistically light up any dark corners you may come across, and particle effects such as dirt, explosions, and even water are displayed so naturally and tightly nit into the game world that it is seamless. When you can stand over a fallen alien and look into their mouth to see individually sculpted 3D teeth and tongue, you know a massive effort was made to make this one beautiful game.

Unlike top PC war games, the top Xbox war games are mostly first-person shooters because the xbox controller doesn’t lend itself to an overhead view manipulation of a battlefield.