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Top Ten Games for Nintendo

The Nintendo 64 had hundreds of games released since the system first went on sale in 1996. It can be hard to choose which games to buy. Below is a list of the top ten must own games for Nintendo 64 and why they should be in your collection.

“Top PS3 games”

10. Perfect Dark – The successor to Goldeneye 007. The developers kept the same great gameplay but added extra multiplayer features. Customizable bots to fight against if you didn’t have enough friends. Six different multiplayer modes. Four human players and eight computer players playing at once. Perfect Dark is the best multiplayer first person shooter you will find.

9. Conker’s Bad Fur Day – A surprise game for the Nintendo 64 because it wasn’t focused on the typical young N64 audience. The game has cuss words and adult themes, but it is one of the funniest games ever released. And the gameplay is great too. The same developers who made Goldeneye and Perfect Dark also made Conker, so you know the multiplayer action is spot on.

8. Mario Golf – Play 18 holes with Mario and company. This arcade style golf game isn’t the most realistic one you will find but it is fun for endless hours. Play single player and beat new characters in a round to unlock them. And then play against your friends with your newly unlocked characters. I personally played this game hundreds of hours when it first came out. A friend and I played a round of 18 ever day after school for a whole year. It must be fun if it can keep me coming back for that many hours.

7. Star Wars Racer – A racing game based off the Star Wars Episode 1 racing scenes. Race in the same events Anakin did, plus many more. Choose different craft, some faster, some tighter on the corners and try to beat a galaxy’s worth of competition. Any Star Wars fan will have fun with this one.

6. Super Smash Bros. – A simple, yet fun fighter with all the Nintendo characters. Fight as Mario or Bowser and even some of the more obscure Nintendo characters including Ness from the Earthbound series. The fighter just uses two buttons for the most part and the joystick so it is much easier to start playing than other fighters on the market.

5. Mario Party – The game that started the party genre for video games. A board game for your Television. Roll the dice and try to get around the board to collect stars. After every turn players play against each other or on teams to earn coins they can spend on special items. Great for four player action with your friends especially if you keep on losing the dice to your Monopoly set. You can’t lose these dice.

4. Mario Kart 64 – A sequel to Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo, Mario Kart 64 is faster than the original and in 3D. Try to race around the track and get to the finish first but watch out for attack items your opponents can use. Red Shells, Stars, and even the dreaded blue shell that will hit you anywhere on the track. This is the multiplayer game all my friends want to play when we play Nintendo 64.

3. Goldeneye 007 – Before Halo was released in 2001, Goldeneye was the best person shooter on the market. The best controls for any FPS with one joystick and a story line that follows the movie made this a great first person game and a fantastic multiplayer one as well.

2. Super Mario 64 – The main launch game for the Nintendo 64 and showed off the sysytem’s 3D capabilities by bringing Mario into the third dimension for the first time. Consistantly rated one of the top ten games of all time for its contributions to gaming, this is a most own title for any gamer. The first 3D game with a free roaming camera, first game with use of the analog control stick so Mario can change his speeds. This is the game all 3D action games are compared to.

1. Zelda Ocarina of Time – What Mario started Zelda Ocarina of Time perfected. This game is rated the best game of all time by countless magazines and websites because it was such a perfect transition for Zelda from 2D to 3D. Fun gameplay, intriguing story, and hours of entertainment. No wonder this has best review scores of all time.

Top WAR Online Kill Collector Quests Guide

In the Warhammer Online world, war is everywhere. It would mean that once you get into the game, you have to fight against other players, sentient beasts or humanoids, and fierce non-sentient creatures all the time. This is heaven for those who can spend hours and hours just going around and slaying enemies, racking up experience points and rewards in the process. If you are this kind of gamer, then Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is truly the game for you. Not only does the game give you a lot of space to explore, there are also many mobs of creatures for you to exterminate if you are in the mood for it. And if your killing rampage is a blessing for someone, then you are hugely gifted for it. These are called Top WAR Online Kill Collector Quests Guide and doing these quests are not only fun but also very, very rewarding.

Simply put, the goal of kill collector quests is for you to kill mobs. Mobs are creatures in the online gaming world. In the Warhammer world, persons known as kill collectors exist to give you rewards in the form of experience points whenever you manage to kill off a specific number of creatures that they want you to kill. For example, a kill collector might want you to kill 100 Squigs. Once you manage to do so, you only need to return to the kill collector to give your reward. The great thing about the kill collectors in the Warhammer world is that they would tell you exactly how much you would gain by completing the quest. This eliminates tireless questing for a small reward. Also, with the WAR kill collector quests, you would not need to take note of how many creatures you kill, since it would automatically be logged on your Tome of Knowledge.

Another very useful aspect of the quests is that even if you did not accept any quest, but has managed to kill a number of creatures in your exploration, once you meet a kill collector who needed those creatures killed, you would still get a reward. For example, in your explorations, you kill 100 Squigs and along the way, you meet a kill collector who benefited from your killing. Instead of receiving another quest for you to kill another 100 Squigs for that kill collector, he will automatically reward you for the creatures you have already killed. Pretty nifty, huh? Not only does it save you time, it would also encourage you (hopefully) to kill more creatures on your way and not pass them in the hopes that you would meet a kill collector in your path who would reward you for your kills.

The two aspects of Top WAR Online Kill Collector Quests Guide that I mentioned above (automatic rewards for creatures you have already killed and records of your killings in the Tome of Knowledge) just goes to show that creators of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has put on much thought in the game and its players. So don’t worry about leveling up in this game. All you need to do is hack and slash your way to more experience points and rewards through kill collector quests.

The Top Facebook Games

Facebook games have shown a lot of popularity during the past year. As Facebook adds more games to its already huge entertainment menu you may be wondering which games are the best and most fun to play. This article will give separate game reviews for each of the twenty five top Facebook games for 2010.

To start the Facebook Game reviews, we will begin by taking a look at the number one game on Facebook called FarmVille. FarmVille which is made by Zynga currently has approximately 73,800,000 monthly users and is growing at a steady upward pace. FarmVille is a game in which you can become a farmer. FarmVille allows you to interact with your friends and even become neighbors with them. Basically you will do everything a farmer does while playing FarmVille. Planting, plowing, harvesting and growing a successful farm. Just make sure when playing this game that you harvest your plants on time. Different plants have different times for harvesting and if you don’t harvest in time the plants will die. By taking care of your farm you will get more points and go up in level.

Birthday Cards holds the place of second most popular game of 2010. Birthday Cards is made by RockYou and has approximately 32,000,000 users per month. When using the Birthday Cards game you can customize and send free cards, use a birthday calendar, have a personal birthday list and personal reminders. The game also allows you too start your own birthday zoo. This is popular for those who want to remember their friend’s birthdays and send cards on Facebook.

The third most popular game on Facebook is Café World which is made by Zynga. Café World has approximately 31,000,000 active users per month. Café world is a fun game to play if you ever dreamed of owning your own restaurant. When playing this game you can cook, bake sauté and make anything you want when playing Café World. When playing Café World you are the cook and the restaurant owner therefore you will have to hire servers. When hiring a server on Café World you can select one of your Facebook friends. Make sure to always have plenty of food ready for your guests.

The fourth most popular game on Facebook is Happy Aquarium which is made by CrowdStar. Happy Aquarium has approximately 27,000,000 active users per month. When playing Happy Aquarium on Facebook you will be able to set up your own fish tank. This can be done by purchasing fish and other creatures. Make sure to always feed your fish when playing Happy Aquarium because the fish can die just like in real life. This is a fun game for those who love wish and wish they had an aquarium in their home. The bad thing about this game is that you can’t feed your friends fish if you notice that they are dying.

The fifth most popular game on Facebook is FishVille which is made by Zynga. FishVille has approximately 24,000,000 active users per month. FishVille is very similar to Happy Aquarium in which you set up your own fish tank and care for the fish. When you’re done raising your fish you can sell them for coins and points. Like Happy Aquarium you will maintain your fish tank or your poor creatures will die.

The sixth most popular game on Facebook is Mafia Wars which is made by Zynga. Mafia Wars has approximately 24,000,000 active users per month. The goal of playing Mafia Wars is to grow your Mafia family. This can be done by inviting your Facebook friends to join you at Mafia Wars. Another goal is to increase your group’s wealth and supply your friends with weapons. What it comes down to is whoever has the biggest and the strongest Mafia is the group that comes out on top.

The seventh most popular game on Facebook is Texas HoldEm Poker which is also made by Zynga. Texas HoldEm Poker for Facebook has approximately 22,000,000 active users per month. When playing Texas HoldEm Poker on Facebook it’s pretty much the same as playing the game in life. Before starting get familiar with the rules on how to play Texas HoldEm. Texas HoldEm Poker on Facebook can be played between friends.

The eighth most popular game on Facebook is Pet Society which is made by Playfish; Pet society has approximately 21,000,000 active users per month. Pet Society on Facebook is a very cute game for the animal lover. When playing Pet Society you can decorate your house and go to your friend’s house with presents. This is a very cute and fun game.

The ninth most popular game on Facebook is Petville which is made by Zynga. Petville has approximately 17,000,000 active users per month. This is another adorable pet lover’s game. When playing this game you will take care of your own pet. When you first become a player of Petville you will be asked to create your own pet. The options are endless and the end result is an adorable virtual pet. The goal is to keep your pet clean, well fed, walked and loved. This in turn will create a happy Petville pet for you. This game is very similar to Playfishes Pet Society and other pet based games.

The tenth most popular game on Facebook is YoVille which is made by Zynga. YoVille has approximately 17,000,000 active users per month. When playing YoVille you will be living a virtual life. This game is pretty similar to the extremely popular Sims game for personal computers. While playing YoVille you will be building a virtual life. When playing you can work, socialize; decorate your house or anything else you may desire. This is a fun game for those who like the escape of a virtual world.

The eleventh most popular game on Facebook is Farm Town which is made by Slashkey. Farm Town has approximately 16,000,000 active users per month. Farm Town is very similar to the Facebook game FarmVille. When playing this game you will take care of your own farm. In order to advance to higher levels you will need to plant and harvest crops, invite friends to join you and hire workers to help you with the farm. This is a fun game for those who want to be farmers but live in the city.

The twelfth most popular game on Facebook is Restaurant City which is made by PlayFish. Restaurant City has approximately 15,000,000 active users per month. Restaurant City is very similar to Café Town. When playing Restaurant City you will own a restaurant, create the menu and hire workers. This is a fun game if you are interested in how a restaurant operates. This is a social game and you will be able to interact with your Facebook friends.

The thirteenth most popular game on Facebook is MindJolt Games which is made by MindJolt. MindJolt games have approximately 14,000,000 active users per month. When playing MindJolt you can play over 500 games. The games are arcade style, puzzles, strategy, and so much more. MindJolt is fun for those who want a little gaming variety.

The fourteenth most popular game on Facebook is Happy Pets which is made by CrowdStar. Happy Pets has approximately 12,000,000 active users per month on Facebook. When playing Happy Pets you will grow your kitten into an adult. The object of the game is to take care of as many cats as you can. How many happy cats can you take care of on Happy Pets? If you end up feeling overwhelmed by having too many pets to care for don’t be tempted to sell your cats. Happy Pets doesn’t like those who sell their kitties.

The fifteenth most popular game on Facebook is RCK which is made by Zynga. RCK has approximately 11,000,000 active users per month on Facebook. This is a fun Facebook game in which you can create your own rock band. Ask your Facebook friends to join and help you create a rocking band. This is a fun game to play for any music lover.

The sixteenth most popular game on Facebook is Zoo World which is made by RockYou. Zoo World has approximately 10,000,000 active users per month. When playing Zoo World on Facebook you will take care of zoo animals and Zoo World cash. When earning your Zoo World cash you can purchase new zoo animals and place them in your zoo. This is a fun way to pass time if you enjoy zoo animals.

The seventeenth most popular game on Facebook is Bejeweled Blitz which is made by Popcap games. Bejeweled Blitz has approximately 10,000,000 active users per month. Bejeweled Blitz is an easy to master puzzle game. The fun thing about this game is that you can compete with your Facebook friends. Many people will spend hours out of there day playing Bejeweled Blitz.

The eighteenth most popular game on Facebook is Fish World which is made by Tall Tree Games. Fish World has approximately 9,000,000 active users per month. Fish World is very similar to Happy Aquarium. When playing Fish World you will care for your very own virtual fish. Make sure to feed them and take care of them so they stay alive. Selling your Fish World fish are a common part of the game.

The nineteenth most popular game on Facebook is Pillow Fight which is made by Shikha. Pillow Fight has approximately 8,000,000 active users per month. Pillow fight is a fun game if you enjoy hitting your friends with pillows. The pillows come in different materials and your friends can accept being hit by pillows are choose not to. The pillow that you choose to use will be posted on your friends Facebook page.

The twentieth most popular game on Facebook is (Lil) Farm Life which is made by Playdom. (Lil) Farm Life has approximately 6,000,000 active users per month. This is another game that is a lot like FarmVille and Farm Town. When playing this game you will create your own farm with crops, animals and buildings. This is another fun game for those who tire of Farmville and Farm Town.

The Twenty first most popular game on Facebook is Sorority Life which is made by Playdom. Sorority Life has approximately 6,000,000 active users per month. When playing this game you can create your own sorority. When signing up for sorority life you can invite friends to join your sorority. Another feature is that you can dress and accessorize however you want. This is a fun game for those who miss their college sorority lifestyle.

The Twenty second most popular game on Facebook is Island Paradise which is made by Meteor Games. Island Paradise has approximately 6,000,000 active users per month. This is a fun game in which you create your own island paradise. When creating your island you can grow crops, add animals or whatever you want on your island. When playing island paradise you can stop by and visit your friends. This is similar to Farmville but for those who love the island life.

The twenty third most popular game on Facebook is Country Life which is made by Country Life. Country life has approximately 5,000,000 active users per month. This game is another one that is a lot like Farmville. When playing this game you take care of crops, the only difference from Farmville is that you can create your own bread for more profit.

The twenty fourth most popular game on Facebook is Country Story which is made by Playfish. Country Story has approximately 5,000,000 active users per month. This is another farm themed Facebook game. This game is great for those who like FarmVille or Farm Town and want to play something different.

The twenty fifth most popular game on Facebook is Happy Island which is made by CrowdStar. Happy Island has approximately 5,000,000 active users per month. When playing this game you can create your own island. The more attractions you add to your island the more your island will earn. This is similar to Island Paradise but with more buying and selling involved.

Top Flash Games

Flash games are extremely popular because of their ease of use. Today, flash games are available for smart phones and can also be played online. This is because flash does not require to be downloaded separately and Flash programs can operate from the browsers as well.

Over the years, many games have been created using flash. However, a list of top flash games is given below.

1. Warfare: Warfare is a strategy game and is set in the era of World War II. At the start of the game, the player is provided with an option to either be a German or an American. The mission of the game is to either kill the opponents or to overrun them with the help of troops. Battle and strategy games have been popular among gamers for many years now as these games allow them to use their minds.

2. Batman Games: Batman Games have become very popular after the success of the batman movie series. This is also owed to the recent craze regarding superheroes and their super powers. Many different batman games are available such as Batman Thief Locator, Batman and Batwoman, Batman Hits Joke, Batman Soccer etc. These are all flash games and can be played online while you are free on the weekend.

3. Ben Ten Games: If you have a younger sibling, you must know how popular the Ben Ten cartoons are. Every kid loves Ben Ten and because of its popularity, children also like to play Ben Ten games. These games include Ben 10 Puzzle, Ben 10 Find Me, Ben 10 Wolf, Ben 10 Speedy Runner etc. All these games can be played online if you are in love with the Ben Ten character.

4. Bejeweled: If you are a regular internet user, you must have heard of this game. Bejeweled is a simple game which allows you to use your brain and problem solving skills to the best. It provides the gamers with a visual insight through different colored jewels which need to be aligned in a manner such that all similar colored jewels come together clearing the way for other jewels. It is a simple yet addictive game.

5. Line Rider: Line Rider is another flash game which will test your ingenuity. The game will be best for you if you have always liked to design roller coasters or make sleigh hills.

Keeping in mind these top flash games, the next time you feel bored, just search for any of these games and start playing online. They will provide you the best entertainment.

Top PS3 Games That Are Worth

It’s time to put away your console for now, and quit playing the same old games over and over again. There are some really impressive PlayStation 3 games in the market, so if you have yet to get around to trying them out, you can be sure that you are losing out big time!

One of the top PS3 games this season is rightly Killzone 3. For those of you who have no idea yet on what it is, it is basically a first-person shooter game that has incorporated the PlayStation Move system into its gameplay. The previous instalments were already highly addictive, and yet this new version is poised to be even more robust. With the integration of the new system, gamers can expect to have a very realistic experience when using your very own special operations team to fight wars against enemies from a different empire.

The weapons in the gameplay have been greatly improved in terms of providing more flexibility. For example, users could now take 2 primary weapons instead of one, and can choose from the entire spectrum of different high-technology weapons in trying to win the fight. Every movement on the battlefield was designed to be intuitively easy to control, and the graphics are of outstandingly high-definition, especially when you try to come close to your enemy for some good old unarmed combat.

There are tons of action and adventurous elements incorporated into the storyline, and a whole lot of enemies with different characters await in the extremely wide range of battlefields. This is therefore one of the most highly anticipated game launch this season, and is set to be one of the top PS3 games to top the chart for some period of time.

Another one of those that easily make it into the board of top PS3 games must be Bulletstorm. Also another first-person shooter game, this is a game that basically requires you to finish off your enemies in as creative ways as possible. The weapons in the game among the most lethal and potent ones I’ve ever seen, and you have unrestricted flexibility to use them as you like to deal the most damage to those who stand in your way. Additional features were also added in this version to allow for 2 or more players to play together (up to 4), so that you may get to unleashing the fighter in you and fight back to back with your best buddies. Therefore if you are thinking of getting a new game, this is another great collection to add.

The Top PS3 Games

there were many, many opinions between PS3 aficionados on which games should be ranked among the top. And for Sony’s great console, there were indeed many great titles to choose from. However, through time much of the debate has been relegated to the lower ranks, with the top games being all but obvious. Therefore, regardless of one’s preference on whether these games should be first, second, or third, there is no question that they remain among the top PS3 games for last year and even perhaps for all time.

First up is the jaw-dropping Assassin’s Creed 2. It features Ezio, Altair’s more modern successor, and his forays into 15th century Italy. One thing that is very notable about this game is the versatility of Ezio and the sheer amount of detail found in the environment.

Almost every aspect of Assassin’s Creed 2 has been improved from the first one, including the ability to steal, to swim, and to glide, as well as the various ways of taking down an enemy. This game is certainly one of Ubisoft’s most popular and anticipated series. And while the first installment is already a great achievement in terms of graphics and gameplay, the second one tops it significantly.

Then there is God of War 3. Unlike Assassin’s Creed, this continues the story of the main protagonist of the series: Kratos, who started off from being a mere mortal to achieving the status of a god, and then going on to sate his thirst for revenge on Mount Olympus. Many aspects have also been improved from the original, but the same things which made the previous games so famous, like the gory finishing moves, the painstakingly detailed characters and environments, and the great production values have been preserved. However, with God of War 3, a mini-game has also been included to extend the gameplay.

And last but not least of the top PS3 games, there is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, hailed by many as the best game for PS3 (or at least, very close to the #1 spot). The series follows the story of Big Boss, this time on his quest to kill Liquid Ocelot, again utilizing some fancy equipment and trusty allies. Many times the game crosses the border between a great movie and a great game, but manages to combine both into one superb package. It wins on many aspects such as the convoluted storyline (to rival many modern action flicks), the amazing graphics, and the intense stealth action. Its included online team shooter is also a great addition to the game.

Needless to say, these are only a few of the top PS3 games for 2010. But for the coming year, there are even more titles being anticipated, such as Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and others. All the more reason to keep that PS3 console clean and ready to play.

Xbox 360 Top Rated Games

We are playing video games all the time and therefore are able to provide you with expert information and experiences as they happen.

We have played so many games and as a result are able to put together a list of the top 10 Xbox 360 games for 2012. These findings are based on experiences while playing these games. These experiences are gathered from looking at graphics, smoothness and the overall playing experience, but of course, it’s all about the gear you have.

We put together this article in order to provide gamers, such as yourself, to take a shortcut to the best games experience right away.

Displayed below are our Top 10 ratings:

1. Mass Effect 3

2. Halo 4

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

4. Assassin’s Creed Revelations

5. Bioshock: Infinite

6. Gears of War 3

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

8. Battlefield 3

9. Batman: Arkham City

10. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Here are our personal reviews on the Top 10 games (in order from 1 – 10):

1. Mass Effect 3

The Good:

Fantastic, moving story that balances plot and character.

Past and present choices impact the game in wonderful and unexpected ways.

Much-improved level design leads to challenging, exciting battles.

Fantastic art design makes great use of color and composition.

Top-notch voice acting brings every major character to life.

The Bad:

Some glitches and bugs.

Galactic travel and scanning aren’t much fun.

2. Halo 4

To be released November 6, 2012

Although not yet released, it promises to be a top class game.

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Good:

Immense world stuffed with varied tasks to perform.

Dragon battles are a blast.

Lovely art design capped by some beautiful, atmospheric touches.

Enjoyable battles that you can approach in a variety of ways.

Lots of compelling, self-contained stories to experience in addition to the main one.

The Bad:

Glitches and bugs frequently disrupt the immersion.

Friendly Al is often more of a hindrance than a help.

4. Assassin’s Creed Revelations

The Good:

New movement options keep the platforming joyful.

Brotherhood recruitment has been nicely fleshed out.

Gorgeous, vibrant world with a lot to do.

Fantastic soundtrack.

Emotionally fulfilling ending.

The Bad:

Tower defense isn’t fun.

Desmond sections aren’t fun.

Disappointing main story.

5. Bioshock: Infinite

To be released February 26, 2013

Although not yet released, it promises to be a top class game.

6. Gears of War 3

The Good:

Exciting, emotional, and eminently satisfying campaign.

Beautiful locations enrich story and gameplay alike.

Fortifications make Horde mode more strategic.

Switching sides in Beast mode is brutal fun.

The Bad:

No tutorial for Beast mode.

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

To be released November 13, 2012

Although not yet released, it promises to be a top class game.

8. Battlefield 3

The Good:

Deep and varied multiplayer competition.

Awesome array of vehicles.

Many gorgeous environments.

Rewards teamwork handsomely.

The Bad:

Campaign is disappointing and dull.

Only six cooperative missions.

No way to practice jet flight outside of multiplayer.

9. Batman: Arkham City

The Good:

Atmospheric, fascinating world rich with details and secrets.

Satisfying, varied, hard-hitting combat.

Grappling and soaring around the city is thrilling.

Great assortment of involving side quests.

Makes terrific use of a host of Batman characters.

The Bad:

Boss fights are too easy.

10. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

The Good:

Remastered visuals feature beautiful lighting and environmental detail.

Campaign is still exciting and satisfying.

Multiplayer maps are great fun to revisit.

Iconic soundtrack is still excellent.

Switching between classic and remastered presentation is entertaining.

Xbox 360 Top 10 Games

Xbox 360 has become a sensational hit among video game players all over. With many competitors, many choose the 360 due to the ability to connect live with other players, as well as awesome graphics in the many games that you can choose from. There are many different genres of games with different ratings that are suitable for everyone. In this article, I will briefly discuss the top 10 Xbox 360 games that players all around prefer.

First on the list of top ten Xbox 360 games is Mass Effect 2. This game is first in line as a favorite game by many on the Xbox 360 top 10 games list. Rated M for mature audiences only, Mass Effect 2 is a sci-fi warfare game to discover why many humans have strangely become missing from the planet. With a number of weapons, this is an exciting game that one will become hooked on.

Number two on the list of Xbox 360 top 10 games is Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game is from Warner Brothers, and rated Teen. You will experience many different face-offs, as well as weapons in Gotham. This game offers nothing but pure excitement for the teenage gamer.

Next on the list is Left 4 Dead 2. This game is action packed with over 20 different new weapons to pick from. You will deal with survival against zombies in this game that is rated Mature. Face the zombies up close, and choose from a different story line. Become a survivor using a brand new weapon such as a baseball bat or even frying pan.

Coming in next on the top ten Xbox 360 games list is Dead Rising. This is about a journalist who hunts for the perfect story and news scoop. He will face many zombies on his adventures. This game is rated Mature. Enjoy the excitement of fighting zombies with many different resources including vehicles and weapons.

Number 5 on the top 10 Xbox 360 games list is Bioshock. This game is a major seller and has become extremely popular among many. You will travel through a frightening world while you are being hunted by mutated beings. This exciting game is rated M for Mature audiences and players.

Next in line is the famous Forza Motorsport 3. This thrilling game involves racing many exotic and unusual street cars. In fact, there are over 400 amazing new cars to choose from. This is an exceptionally great game for the entire family to enjoy; rated E for everyone.

Falling in number 7 on the top ten Xbox 360 games list is the popular Halo 3. Halo 3 continues the widespread saga that has taken over the game world. Continue the conflict between the human race, the flood, and the Covenant. This game is rated M for mature.

Number 8 on the Xbox 360 top 10 games list is Gears of War 2. Many players are drawn to the excitement of the battlefield when playing this game. With many players and weapons to choose from, this game is extremely exciting. Gears of War 2 is rated M for mature.

Next is number 9 on the top 10 Xbox 360 games list is Bayonetta. This game involves an attractive female character as the lead who takes on many opponents. She has many powers as a witch and many enemies as well. This astonishing game is rated M for mature players only.

Last but not least is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Many people love the excitement found in this awesome game. Players will battle to save the world from many threats. Your heart will be racing while you play this game that is rated M for mature audiences only.

There are many other amazing games to choose from as well when picking a 360 game. Whether you want racing, fighting, sports, or battles, Xbox 360 is certain to have the perfect game for you!

Tips to Win and Dominate the Mafia Wars Game

Believe it or not Mafia Wars has over 19 million users playing the online game. So many people want to know how to dominate Mafia Wars and are waiting for some intense tips to be released. It’s absolutely crazy, this game is one of the most popular games ever released to this date. You can play it on Facebook, MySpace and even Yahoo. A majority of individuals play it on Facebook. Now these 19 million people have to wait no longer because I am about to release some amazing tips to dominate this entire game.

Like in real life, work is one of the most important things. Just like the real life, you need to work to dominate Mafia Wars. Money is the key to this entire game, and how do you get money? Well obviously, by working. Not only will you make a lot of money by working but you will also gain a lot of experience. Just like in real life! Weird huh?

Now secondly you need to get some amazing equipment. You need have top notch stuff to be able to dominate the Mafia Wars game. So this includes different guns, armour and vehicles. All this stuff will give you the ability to defend your family and become the best mafia family in the entire game after some hard work.

Speaking of defending your family, you need to be good to your family. No individual is going to want to join your mafia if you are not close knit with your family. To dominate the Mafia Wars game it is absolutely crucial that you are kind to your family and help them out in each and every way you can. Your family should return the favour as well which produces an extremely strong family.

Now last but not least, when you are working a lot you are going to have a lot of money. The best piece of advice I can give you is to invest that money. Buy properties, start low and then build up. You will be able to make such high investments and have a lot to fall back on if anything bad were to happen. This will give you a huge return on all your investments to help you dominate mafia wars.

These are some of the best tips I can give you. I know you may be thinking that you already knew this, but don’t take it lightly. So many people read this and think they are doing just this, but really there is so much more to it. You have to be dedicated to it and follow all 4 steps exactly. This will get you on the road to Mafia Wars domination.

Mafia Wars Game Guide

Hooked with no hope of return with Mafia Wars? Want to become the patriarch of the ruling family in New York City? You don’t need to fret or be worried at all! You are just among the millions of social networking members addicted to being the leader of the most respectable Mafia in the planet today. You can play it in Facebook, Tagged, MyYahoo, MySpace, and even on your iPhone! The Mafia Wars fever has simply swept the globe. It now has a lot of followers to its name who are not minding the sleepless nights and endless adrenaline rushes as they go about completing mission after mission in their quest to belong to the most powerful Mafia family there is.

You need to have all the help that you can get in order to be able to become the top Godfather to master the craft of running 3 types of illegal and crime-ridden businesses. A Mafia Wars game guide will be able to help you achieve what you want to become in the game. It will teach you tips and tricks that will be able to propel you to the number one rank without getting banned from the game.

If you are a Mafia Wars addict, among the best things that a Mafia Wars game guide will be able to help you with are the following:

1. It will help you in with tips and tricks to grow the size of your Mafia family. It is one of the most important things to consider if you want to level up at an exponential rate. It can be hard, but once you get the hang of it, you would see yourself shooting up the rankings in no time at all!

2. It will teach you how to get Godfather reward points easily and how to use them wisely, like using them for rare items found in crates, restoring your Mafia’s energy, getting skill points, and the like.

3. It will give you tips on how to be able to come up with a cash generator that will always make you rich. Cash is needed in order to buy what you wish, like gifts in order to have your Mafia family become stronger.

For those aficionados out there, dominating the rankings is the most important thing. Let a Mafia Wars game guide help you if you are one. You will be able to gain access to insider’s secrets and the most amazing tricks and tips that will make your gaming experience always worth your while.