Get More Out of iCloud Services

Everyone loves having a portable device on hand for everyday use. These devices make is easy to find local businesses, talk with family members, and even find useful information on the web. The trouble is, there are so many features and services included with portable devices that it can be hard to keep track of everything or get the most out of the devices. Services such as iCloud can be very useful, but the average user may need some icloud tips to make the most of this service.

iClouc storage is a basic service included with all Apple devices. Upon activation, the user is provided with five gigabytes of storage at no cost. This space will always be available for use as long as the device is active. Additional storage can be purchased as well. Fifty gigabytes will be provided for less than one dollar per month. Five hundred gigabytes will be offered for less than three dollars per month. A full terabyte is offered at just under ten dollars per month.

Find My Phone is a feature included with the iCloud service. If the device is lost users can navigate to the menu on another device or a control panel installed on their Mac or Windows 7 or later computer. An alert can be sounded to help find the device if it has been misplaced somewhere in a small area. Lost Mode will alert the device owner whenever it’s spotted and can even send a message to the device alerting anyone using it of the status. As a last resort, the device can be remotely wiped. All data on the device will be removed and it will become unusable.

Email services are included in iCloud as a basic function. Users will have a unique email address they can use for anything. The account will be connected to their Apple account, so they can rest assured that everything is safely stored.

Backups are a vital part of keeping data safe. If a device is physically damaged, the data on it could be lost forever. By saving data to the could, there’s no reason to worry about losing files. Everything can be recovered through the iCloud control panel or another device.